Pilates is about How To Move
How To Move is about Pilates
Here's what some of our clients have said:

awareness, healing, results, greater focus, happy, commitment, physical strength

Stella Lorvan has the knowledge, skill and touch of a true teacher. I have trained with half a dozen Pilates teacher over 15 years and Stella is one of the best. At the time I started to train with her I suffered from consistent low back pain as well as occasional numbness radiating down my left leg. At 40+, my body showed wear and tear from child carrying, age and injuries. We trained once, sometimes twice a week for over a year. Stella gently but firmly guided me into a new level of awareness about my body and how to gradually change old ingrained habits of carrying myself. Stella's instruction is precise and clear. I loved how she combined the physical exercises with powerful visual imagery and metaphors. I am grateful to Stella for pointing me to a happier, healthier way to move my body.

- Marita, Mother and Journalist

I've tried all kinds of exercise, but I've never stayed committed to anything this long. You know how when you get started on an exercise program, you buy 10 lessons? Well, I'd go to 8 and never go back. I didn't like the big classes where you never know who will be standing next to you. I've been doing Pilates for 6 years (1 year with Stella). I like the Privates and I like small groups where I know even if I'm doing something wrong, I'll get corrected.

- Ellie, retired Bank Manager

My experience with you is different from anything I have experienced before, in a way that feels much more profound. What you do goes beyond guiding me through movements that are good for my body without hurting it - although you do this, with great care and a solid base of knowledge. It feels like you are teaching me to become aware of my body and to respond to its needs with love; almost like an experience of reparenting with respect to my relationship with my body. You call your practice "How To Move", and that seems completely appropriate, because I find myself moving throughout my day with increasing awareness and choice. I've always noticed how dancers (like you) seem to inhabit their bodies in a way that conveys a sense of self-loving pleasure and consciousness in movement, and somehow, in subtle ways, you are calling out this attitude and awareness in me. Without any fanfare or affectation of anything beyond teaching me to exercise properly, I nonetheless find working with you to be a deeply healing experience. It's not about "feel the burn" or pushing myself through painful barriers. It's not about fighting with my body to get it to shape itself to my will. It's about learning to inhabit and move my body with conscious awareness and love. What a rare gift you are offering the world! I hope that many others are fortunate enough to find you.

- Sandy, Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach

Thank you Stella! I used to tell my personal trainer that I really missed my 38 year old body and now I think I'm surpassing it. My Boyfriend has definitely noticed. As an active woman, I'm fascinated by Pilates because in the last 11 months there has never been an opportunity for redundancy; especially when every move can be tweaked by better technique to register greater focus and even greater results. I'm amazed by my body's real physical strength and now build my other workouts around this conditioning. Now, I want to schedule all kinds of reunions. I know, I'm a little crazy but I'm sooooo happy. The past three years have taught me a lot about the kind of commitment required to become more lean and fit especially after 40... I'm hoping that by sticking with Pilates I can avoid the cycles of weight loss and gain through the balance of my 40's and beyond.

- Roxanne, Business Owner

This Pilates thing is a study in self-discipline. I hate to think I may become addicted to such structure, but there you have it. Especially since as a first born I'm a bit of a "pleaser"... the "can do" attitude taken to the nth degree combined with being a results junkie. I love having a booty, shrinking my back and elongating my already tall frame. I can really feel my traps this afternoon. I'd like to cycle tonight but don't want anything to cramp tomorrow morning. And yes, while I'm thoroughly spent by the end of my sessions - I love it because I love the results!

- Erin, Executive Assistant

How To Move is about Pilates
Pilates is about How To Move