Pilates is about How To Move
How To Move is about Pilates
HowToMove Prices:
While we prefer cash & checks, we do accept credit cards.
See also New Client forms, Payment and Refund policy, Referral Ambassador Program program.

Private Lessons are the best way to get to know Pilates and the fastest way to see and feel results. One-on-one Lessons give you 100% of your instructor's attention and provide you with the greatest opportunity to create a workout tailored to your needs or preferences.

Semi-Private Lessons are you and one other person with your Instructor. We will do our best to find someone to partner you with, but we love it when you bring a partner with you! (see Referral Rewards)

Small Group Lessons are you and two other people with your Instructor. Please bring some friends...and we'll all have a great time, working hard and having fun! (We require completion of an Introductory package before joining a Small Group.)

Mat and Barre Classes are a great way to focus, even in a group! Our Mat room is only big enough for 8-10, which means we keep our classes small enough for our Instructors to keep their eyes on you! Mat work is how Mr. Pilates got his start. We might throw in some breath work or standing exercises just to shake it up a little. Barre classes combine dance (ballet, modern, jazz, etc.) with Pilates... come be a dancer or just look like one!

We also offer Specialty Workshops and Continuing Education Courses for Instructors Contact us if you would like to be on our announcement list for upcoming special events!

Introductory "Let's Get Moving" Package
For people new to Pilates or new to HowToMove, we suggest you start with our Introductory "Let's Get Moving" Package. That way you get a personal one-on-one evaluation plus a chance to experience both private and semi-private lessons so you can choose which is right for you. Once you have completed your Introductory Package, you'll have a better idea of how you learn and how you want to organize your schedule, and you may opt for a long term package.
Hour-long Assessment & 2 Privates & 2 Semi-Privates: All for only $395!

Post-Rehab/Special Focus "Get Moving Again" Package
Had an injury? Got a goal you are working toward? We suggest you start with our "Get Moving Again" Package. That same one-on-one attention with a specific focus on getting you moving in the right direction! 3 Private hours with Stella to (re)learn, figure out the best exercises for you
Hour-long Assessment & 2 Privates: All for only $275!

Single Lesson Prices
Just want to dip your toe in? Pay for one lesson at a time.
One Private Lesson: Stella ($100) or Suzette ($70)
One Semi-Private: Stella ($75) or Suzette ($50)
One Mat/Barre Class: Stella ($30) or Suzette ($20)

Five-Lesson Standard Packages
With a package, you get a discount and you have the option of keeping the same time slot every week. The discount compared to five single lessons is not as high as with a ten lesson package, but the investment is also easier to budget.
Discount varies with type of lesson and instructor.

Ten-Lesson Standard Packages
If a little is good, more is better. You make a bigger committment to us, we give you a bigger discount. And of course you have the option of keeping the same time slot every week for more weeks.
Discount varies with type of lesson and instructor.

Quarterly "Keep It Moving" Packages
Twice a week for three full months! If you pay for 12 weeks we'll throw in the
13th week as our recognition of your commitment. (See Payments and Refunds.)
Plus we'll give you a gift certificate so you can introduce a friend to HowToMove. Share the Love!
Two Privates per week: Stella ($2100) or Suzette ($1500)
Two Semi-Privates per week: Stella ($1300) or Suzette ($950)
One Private & One Semi-Private: Stella ($1700) or Suzette ($1200)
Payment and Refund Policy:

Please print and fill out our new client forms before your first visit.

Payment must be received before each lesson, and the forms must be received before your first lesson.

All Packages are transferable with written authorization from HowToMove. So if life throws you a curve ball and you can't make use of the lessons you paid for, you may give the remaining lessons to a friend!

Standard and Introductory Packages are non-refundable and expire 90 days from the date of purchase.

Quarterly Packages are refundable for the first month, remain usable or transferable for the next month, and expire 4 months from the date of purchase. The refund amount will be based on the number of lessons (or No Show/late cancellation charges) at the best Standard Package discount rate. This might mean that near the end of the quarter there will be no remaining balance to refund because the per-lesson price of a 5 or 10 Lesson Package is higher than the per-lesson price of a Quarterly Package.

Client Referral Ambassador Program:

We are always looking for more people who want to learn HowToMove! If you help us out by bringing your friends, family, fellow employees (Don't worry, we don't have to schedule you at the same time!) or even cool people you meet at parties or in line at the grocery store...we'll give you things! Mostly we'll give you more lessons. If you refer someone and they buy a package, we'll give you 1 free Mat Class or $25 off your next Standard Package or save up 3 and we'll give you a free Private Lesson! Our way of saying "Thank you...keep on moving!"

How To Move is about Pilates
Pilates is about How To Move