Pilates is about How To Move
How To Move is about Pilates

Stella Lorvan has been studying Pilates for over 25 years.

"As we learn more about who we are, how we breathe, how we move... we are able to make better choices with our time and energy. As we become more efficient in our movement, we also become more efficient in our lives."

Stella first discovered the Pilates Method as part of her dance training, not knowing what it was she was doing in class, just that it made her stronger. Years later, she rediscovered Pilates after a car accident left her unable to walk without pain. She received her certification from Saint Francis Memorial Hospital's Center for Sports Medicine, where she did her rehabilitation, in 1989 and has been teaching ever since.

Stella Lorvan

Stella Lorvan Stella has taught Pilates from the perspectives of both health and fitness, having spent her early years in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Clinics and later in Health Clubs and Private Pilates Studios. In 1994 Stella became the first Pilates Instructor in San Francisco to have a regularly scheduled mat class at a gym.

Stella holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Dominican University. She has designed and taught Pilates teacher training programs all over the United States.

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Stella teaches at several locations in Redwood City, near Hwy 101, or she can come to your place. Flexibility in mind and body and location.

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How To Move is about Pilates
Pilates is about How To Move