Pilates is about How To Move
How To Move is about Pilates

HowToMove is Pilates... and a lot more.

HowToMove is moving with ease, flow, and strength.

Whether you are young or old, fast or slow, healthy or recovering...
Whether you want to walk around the block or run a marathon...
Whether you want to dance, build your core, or simply be all you can be...
HowToMove can help you achieve your movement and exercise goals

HowToMove is unlearning old rules.

During the course of your life you have learned movement patterns, both consciously and unconsciously. Some of your learned patterns work for you and some of them don't. HowToMove will help you uncover what works and what doesn't. We will also help you replace what doesn't work with new movement patterns that support your health and happiness.

HowToMove is learning your body.

When you work with HowToMove you explore how you move and come to understand how little changes in your movements can make a big difference in your life. You may not be doing anything wrong, but with a little guidance you can probably move more effectively. More effective movements ripple out into more effective actions, and show up everywhere in your life... physically, mentally and emotionally.

HowToMove is enjoying exercise.

Forget "No pain, no gain." We say "If it hurts, STOP!" or "No pain, no pain!" You don't want to do something that doesn't feel good, and we don't want you to either. And what about all those exercises you learned at the gym? Did you enjoy doing them? At HowToMove you will learn new exercises that are fun and challenging, exercises that shift your patterns, make you think, and help you enjoy your life more!

Want to learn HowToMove?

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How To Move is about Pilates
Pilates is about How To Move